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Happy Family

The Parent-Infant Study Center

A Collaborative Learning Environment 

For professionals who support infants and young children and their parents/primary caregivers. We work to support the earliest social and emotional development that occurs within the context of caregiving relationships.

Jacqui Van Horn, MPH, IMH-E is an infant and early childhood mental health specialist with 40 years of experience learning from and working with infants, young children and their parents. Her special areas of interest and expertise are:

  • The early social and emotional development that occurs in the context of the parent-young child relationship; and

  • The development of reflective capacity in young children, parents and practitioners.

The Parent-Infant Study Center was established in Albuquerque, NM in the US in 2009. Jacqui's goal was to create a community where infant/early childhood-family professionals engage in high quality, relationship-based learning experiences that enhance practice. Small learning groups as well as reflective supervision groups and individuals meet with Jacqui to learn through Center activities. Jacqui also travels to communities and uses distance technology to provide professional development experiences including reflective supervision/consultation.

Collaborative Learning  Seminars (your site or via distance technology)

Reflective Supervision (individual or group at your site via distance technology)

Consultation (individual, programmatic, systems)




Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tel: 505-238-9085

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